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controversy monitor (OCM)


The oekom Controversy Monitor is a professional tool for assessing and managing reputational and financial risks associated with companies’ negative environmental and social impacts. The database covers approx. 3,800 companies worldwide and records and describes the major controversies involving them.


Around 10,000 cases have been recorded so far, documenting activities in controversial business areas as well as controversial business practices such as breaches of human rights and labour rights, environmental violations and corruption. The selection and evaluation of the cases is carried out by experienced analysts with in-depth knowledge of the industry and specialist expertise.  


The controversy score, which can be configured individually, aggregates the assessments of the various controversies in which companies have been involved and thus provides a quick overview of the most controversial companies in an industry, a country or even the entire research universe.


The oekom Controversy Monitor protects investors from investing in problematic companies and thus from reputational and financial risks. Asset managers use it to integrate ESG risks into their financial analysis. Institutional investors also use the controversy score as an additional risk indicator for monitoring their investments.



Contact: Client Relations, e-mail: clients@oekom-research.com

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